Oxford Branch

British Cactus and Succulent Society

Branch Members Information


Wednesday 23rd November, Annual General Meeting, 7.30 for 8

Tea Rota 2017

MonthBranch Member
JanuarySteve Williams
FebuaryBill Darbon
MarchJohn Watmough
AprilMartin Doorbar
MayMary Stone
JuneRichard Bush
JulyGillian Evison
AugustDavid Greenaway
SeptemberNick Boden

Table Show 2017

Each month we have four classes in addition to Plant in Flower. Two entries are allowed for each class at a cost of 10p per entry. All points count towards annual trophies.

January No Show
February Sedum or Sempervivum Group, Eriosyce Group, Succulents 2 plants 14 cm, Pediocactus or Strombocactus groups 2 plants 14 cm
March Crassulaceae Group, Copiapoa Group, Aloe Group 2 plants 14cm, Cacti 2 plants 14cm
April Haworthia Group, Thelocactus Group, Adromischus sub group 2 plants 9cm, Astrohytum Group 2 plants 14cm
May Gasteria Group, Gymnocalycium Group, Haworthia Group 3 plants 9cm, Mammillaria Group 2 plants 14cm
June Euphorbia Group, Mammillaria Group, Crassulaceae Group 2 plants 14cm, Cacti 3 plants 9 cm
July Aloe Group, Parodia Group, Euphrbia Group 2 plants 14cm, Gymnocalycium Group 2 plants 14cm
August Agave Group, Echinocereus Group, Haworthia Groupo 2 plants 14 cm, Mammillaria Group 3 plants 9 cm
SeptemberMesembryanthemum Group, Astrophytum Group, Succulents Group 3 plants 9cm, Turbinicarpus Group 2 plants 14cm
October Lithops or Conophytum subgroups, Ariocarpus Group, Mesembryanthemum Group 3 plants 9cm, Cacti 2 plants 14cm
November No Show