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British Cactus and Succulent Society

Bill Darbon

Bill joined the Society in 1975 together with his late wife Cathy and has served on the Oxford Branch Committee in a number of roles and is currently Vice Chairman and Show Secretary. He is a qualified National judge and also currently a member of The BCSS shows committee were he has taken over the role of Assistant Secretary (show stationery) formerly done by Cathy.

Interest in cacti and succulents started with being encouraged by Cathy after they had a joint collection and has progressed to what it is now a mixed collection of cacti and other succulent plants which are housed in three separate Greenhouses, main interests are Haworthias and miniature or small growing cacti, particularly Strombocactus and associated genera.

Bill is always pleased to encourage new members to the hobby and being involved in exhibitions and shows to promote the society in general and particularly in the Oxford area.

The picture shows the family in the greenhouse Gareth is now living in Nottingham with his own small collection and is a National judge in his own right.

The Darbons
Photo: G Walker, Teeside Branch

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