Oxford Branch

British Cactus and Succulent Society

Gillian Evison


It all started when I was about twelve or thirteen and pestered my mother for a puppy or kitten to look after. She reckoned this sounded like hard work for her once I got bored, so persuaded me that looking after the family houseplants would be just as much fun. I killed them all except the cacti and succulents so bought more to fill the gaps. Perhaps my mother now regrets not buying the pet - a puppy or kitten would be long gone but part of the cactus collection is still in her back garden some 30 years later... I joined the Oxford Branch of the then National Cactus and Succulent  Society in the 1970's and am still there today.

I have a mixed collection of cacti and succulents in two greenhouses, one 8x10 ft and one 18x8 ft on two sites and am interested in growing most things cactus and/or succulent. A masochist at heart, I particularly enjoy the challenge of growing the more extreme succulents. If it comes from Ethiopia and is prone to rot, I am probably trying to grow it! Seed growing is another serious addiction though I have a long way to go to match the skills of our branch seed guru John Watmough.

Drinks all round!  General greenhouse view