Oxford Branch

British Cactus and Succulent Society

Mary Stone

Mary has been growing succulent plants seriously for about 20 years. Before that she had a few plants which were acquired from Oliver Leese of Worfield in Shropshire just after the war. Some of these plants are still thriving to this day. On moving to Oxford, her plants obviously took a liking to their new circumstances and started to flower, so she thought it was time to join the Society and learn more about them all. The meetings were held in a local hall only 10 minutes from her home and so there was plenty of incentive to become more involved.

She is particulary interested in the conservation of habitats and has been lucky enough to visit a number of them over recent years, mainly in Chile and South Africa. She has special regard for the latter and has visited on a number of occasions. Her special love is the Euphorbiaceae, so visits to South Africa have been a forgone conclusion.

Mary is very supportive of the local branch and is an active committee member. She has been chairman in the past, has been running the branch raffle for many years, and can probably be regarded as the catering "director" at the Oxford shows.

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